Join us on Saturday, Aug 19 

Rell Sunn  Benefit Art Auction

at the Atlantic Terrace Gallery from 5-8 PM.

Complimentary Beverages will be served. 

   The 2017 Rell Sunn Surf Contest Benefit poster created by fabulous Montauk Artist Alison Seiffer.

For almost 20 years, the East End Foundation has helped local families encountering financial hardships due to debilitating illnesses or other tragic circumstances.
Our main event, the annual Rell Sunn Memorial Surf Benefit is open to anyone who wants to join in.  This year, the event will be August 12th.  
Other events include the halloween and Polar Stand-Up Paddle Board adventures held during the fall and winter.
While our role is minimal compared to the adversities these families face, community love and caring can be an extraordinary gift when support is needed.
The East End Foundation is currently supporting several persons in need:
  • a recent high school graduate who lost both parents yet is determined to attain a college degree
  • A young mother struggling to meet the expensive co-pays that her insurance won't cover for her toddler's surgery
  • a local artist who is debilitated and out of work while recovering from traumatic eye surgery
  • Two local women who are battling cancer
  • two orphaned kids who are being raised by their neighbor